The model of Chandrodaya Temple released by ISKCON in a press release

The under-construction Chandrodaya Mandir in Vrindavan, designed to be the world’s tallest temple, will have its foundation five metres deeper than the famous Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

“The foundation of the Burj Khalifa is 50 metres. The temple’s foundation is 55-metre deep. The foundation will have 511 columns, which will be completed by March next year,” said Narasimha Das, senior Vice-President and project director of the temple.

“The work of 140 columns are completed till now and rest columns are under construction,” he said.

The temple is unique for a number of reasons, including its height, forests and theme park.

“The attractions planned in the theme park would be like dark rides, animatronics, light, sound and special effects as well as the Vraja Mandal parikrama shows and laser shows, that celebrate the various lilas of Krishna in different forests of Vrindavan,” Das said. More info