Burj Khalifa opens all-new immersive technology and digital art experiences

At the Top, Burj Khailfa expanded its front area by three times its original size to host hundreds of visitors conveniently at any point in time.

The reception in the lower ground floor of The Dubai Mall has undergone an aesthetic facelift. Visitors now step into the spacious lobby with several ticketing counters as well as digital self-ticketing kiosks.

As the guests set to start the At the Top, Burj Khalifa journey, the ambience changes; white gradient glass walls provide an illusion of clouds, highlighting the heights they will scale soon and giving a first glimpse of a 4-metre illuminated model of Burj Khalifa.

A giant video wall creates a spellbinding ‘movement art’ of all visitors. Sensors gather the presence of every individual visitor, his/her location and movement, and turn them into real-time digital art. The screen uses three different themes – sea water, desert rocks and mosaic motifs – to interact with the audiences. These dynamic, free-flowing art pieces will be much-loved by children and adults alike.

A replica of Burj Khalifa comes to life with digital projections in four different themes – cloud, water, sand and glass – providing visitors a feel of the vastness and height of the tower.

Ahmad Al Falasi, Executive Director – Group Operations at Emaar Properties told Al Arabiya English that this new interactive experience will ensure that visitors of all ages carry home a memorable and unique experience featured in this technologically advanced additions to the magnificent structure and awe-inspiring Burj Khalifa.”

He added at the launching event, Thursday that “Emaar has leveraged the latest advancements in digital technology to ensure that every visit, every time, by anyone will assure them delightful surprises. The spacious, aesthetic and digitally enhanced reception will significantly add to the convenience of our visitors from across the world.” More info

Source:  http://english.alarabiya.net