Finasi LLC is a Gargash Group company and was established in UAE in the spring of 2007 with the purpose of making some of the most respected brands accessible to the discerning customers in the Middle East.

Armani/Dada Checkers Kitchen.
Armani/Dada Checkers Kitchen.

The group’s years of experience in the MENA region has contributed to Finasi’s success. The company has focused with passion on style and detail, ensuring that it is reflected in all projects, whether they are apartment renovations or large turnkey projects.

The market appreciation of the products saw the opening of Finasi’s sprawling 1000sq. mtrs. showroom on Al Ittihad Road in 2009. Since then, the unique styles and designs in the showroom have served as a source of inspiration for interior designers and customers alike.

Finasi LLC is the UAE arm of Molteni&C and Dada, part of the Molteni Group and one of Italy’s leaders in furnishings. The group consists of four companies, each one at the forefront in its sector: Molteni &C S.p.A. (home furnishings), Dada S.p.A. (kitchens), Citterio S.p.A. and Unifor S.p.A. (office furnishings). Molteni Group is present in over fifty countries all over the world.

The partnership of Molteni Group, specifically Dada S.p.A. with the Armani Group, led to the birth of the Armani/Dada kitchens. Finasi are the exclusive representatives the Armani/Dada range of kitchens ever since the two groups partnered to produce inspiring, functional and aesthetic kitchens.

“Finasi LLC is proud to launch the Armani/Dada Checkers Kitchen in UAE. It carries the distinguished style of Giorgio Armani and the use of extensively researched materials which the Molteni Group has always given great importance to,” says Mr. Matteo Pellegrini, General Manager, Finasi LLC.

The Checkers kitchen is the third addition to Armani/Dada kitchen range, following its predecessors, Bridge & Calyx. True to the Giorgio Armani style, the design of Checkers is extremely simple, sober and linear language. Checkers is a functional kitchen, ordered and efficient in its technological apparatus and specialized appliances. It is designed as an extremely practical workspace, is meant to simplify every activity and make its usage a pleasure. Checkers is available in a wide range of materials, finishes and colours. Created for large spaces, Checkers allows the personalization of every composition from an aesthetic standpoint. Checkers is indeed, almost custom designed by Armani/Dada for the buyer!

In addition to interiors, Finasi has a dedicated division for architectural materials for façade application. In this sector Finasi represents two major German companies, KME, the world’s largest manufacturer of copper and copper alloy, & Okalux, one of the international market leaders for functional, innovative and design-oriented insulating glass.