For stressed-out BlackBerry addicts who really need to get away from it all, a new holiday destination has just opened up.

A desert safari in the gulf Photograph: Alamy
A desert safari in the gulf Photograph: Alamy

The United Arab Emirates has announced it is banning certain BlackBerry mobile services, citing concerns over security. So what other attractions does this federation of gulf states, including the desert kingdoms of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, have to offer?

1 The Burj Khalifa Dubai is home to the tallest man-made stucture in the world, at 828m (2,717ft).

2 Shopping Consumerism rules at Dubai’s gaudy Mall of the Emirates – yes, the one with the indoor ski slope.

3 The desert Stay at plush Dubai resort Bab Al Shams, or take a jeep safari with obligatory sunset camel ride.

4 Al Hosn Palace Built by Abu Dhabi’s 18th-century rulers, this elegant white fort has palm-filled gardens and adjoins the vast Cultural Foundation.

5 Fujairah The pristine beaches of the fifth-largest emirate are the best in the region for snorkelling and scuba diving.