MELBOURNE: An Australian company has been awarded the contract to clean every window on the world’s tallest building Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa

The company, Cox Gomyl, will use both muscle power and machines to keep the windows on the 828—metre high building clean and gleaming. The 20—storey Burj Khalifa was officially opened on Monday. A company official, Mr Dale Harding, told Australian Broadc asting Corporation (ABC) News that the company was taking on a massive task.

“There are around 24,000 windows in total. I think that’s about 120,000 square metres of glass,” he said. The tower was previously referred to as the Burj Dubai. It has now been named the Burj Khalifa after the ruler of the neighbouring Emirate of Abu Dh abi, whose multi—billion— dollar bailout helped Dubai’s biggest developer to avoid a potentially disastrous debt default in November.

A dramatic sound, light, firework and fountain display described the evolution of the tower, and ended in a breathtaking climax of lasers and fireworks, bathing the tower and the surrounding area in white light. ’Burj Khalifa’ comprises luxury residences and offices, the world’s first Armani Hotel, and the world’s highest observation deck, ‘At the Top’, which is located on the tower’s 124th floor. – Agencies