By Habiba Ahmed Abd Elaziz Staff Reporter XPRESS

Dubai Luxury chocolate maker Ferrero Rocher has taken its brand to new heights, literally.

On Friday, December 7, chocolate connoisseurs joined Italian Ambassador to the UAE Giorgio Starace and Ferrero Middle East and Africa General Manager Dott Magnarello during the unveiling of a 12-metre Golden Tower.

However, lest you feel like indulging your sweet tooth and taking a bite from the tower, be informed there’s no chocolate in it — the tower is made entirely of hollow plastic bowls wrapped in Ferrero Rocher’s signature golden wrapper.

“As our 30th anniversary drew near we decided to celebrate both our brand’s birthday as well as the region we’re promoting ourselves in, and so we came up with the idea of a golden pyramid to replicate Dubai’s iconic building, Burj Khalifa,” said Manuel Zanini, the brand’s Senior Manager in the Middle East and Africa.

According to him, it took 72 working hours, 30 people and an external scaffolding to complete the replica. More info