A four metre-tall, free-standing chandelier of the Burj Khalifa was one of the most eye-catching items on show yesterday as a pair of high profile events devoted to new designs for the home and the office opened in Dubai.

Interiors show the INDEX international design exhibition and workplace trends showcase The Office Exhibition will run until Thursday – but there was no doubting the most remarked upon display on opening day.

That accolade belonged to the 1:200 scale model of the world’s tallest building, made of Swarovski crystals and platinum-plated brass, and turned a variety of colours by an in-built LED lighting system.

It’s the handiwork of Thomas Faustig, general manager of chandelier firm that bears his name, Faustig.

“It’s a wonderful toy, even the details are correct. If you look to the top, it even has a red light blinking for the aircraft,” he told 7DAYS. More info