By Joseph George

Dubai Police have denied any report of a fire in Burj Khalifa after an internet scare based on a rumour spread like wildfire on Twitter.

Pic: (Emaratalyoum)
Pic: (Emaratalyoum)

“There was no fire and no other accident at the Burj….heavy fog in the city gave the impression to many people that there was fire,” Colonel Ali Ghanem, head of Bur Dubai police station, said, quoted by Emirat Alyoum newspaper.

Twitteratis, however, continue to tweet despite police denial of any fire at the world’s tallest tower in Dubai.

Pictures of dense fog were mistaken for smoke from a fire.

“OMG look Burj Khalifa is on fire! you STFU now,” said one tweet.

Friends called their friends and soon it was clarified that the photos were indeed that of fog.

Clarifications came on twitter itself, “NOT on fire ! BurjKhalifa is NOT on fire ! Was just enjoying a lovely dinner in bait al mazzaadmiring burj khalifa♥,”

“Burj Khalifa is NOT on fire. Now go back to bed!” said another. @Omar_Sisi According to eye witness:”Burj Khalifa is safe and not on fire” !#UAE #Dubai” said another.

“Not only did people exaggerate the fire at Burj Khalifa,but they also announced an evacuation, & firemen trapped,” said one tweet summarising the chaos that was caused last night.

Dubai police’s official tweet posted a link to an Arabic media report denying reports of fire.

In 2010, fog enveloping the Makkah clock tower triggered panic among Muslim pilgrims, who called the Civil Defence after mistaking it for fire.

Civil Defence vehicles rushed to the 440-metre high tower after receiving numerous calls from worried pilgrims in Islam’s holiest shrine saying that the building is engulfed in smoke from a possible fire. More info