Someone has dropped an iPhone 7 off the tallest building in the world.

We still don’t really know why the guys at TechRax decided to hold the ‘experiment’ but they seemed to be very pleased with themselves.

The clip showed the crew going to the 148th floor of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa (2,717 ft up) so they could carry out the extreme ‘drop test’.

The results were as expected, the smartphone was completely destroyed.

But we didn’t get to see this because the iPhone 7 was so damaged it could not be retrieved.

Even with the help of a tracker on iCloud.

A lot of people have questioned the wisdom behind holding the potentially dangerous experiment.

‘What if it hit someone? Even small object but in that height level it can be super dangerous,’ wrote a YouTube user.

Another added: ‘You do realize if that phone hit someone in the head in could potentially be fatal?’

But the people at TechRax defended themselves by saying they made sure the ‘area ws clear’ before they dropped the phone. More info