Staff report

He’s not the bad guy – we think. A brand new poster for Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, just released by Paramount Studios on Wednesday, shows a dark side to Tom Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt and his IMF team.

    *  Image Credit: Supplied     * Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol poster
* Image Credit: Supplied * Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol poster

Cruise is shown hooded and brooding, backed up by Paula Patton, Simon Pegg and another major character, Dubai’s own Burj Khalifa. Also in the shot is MI newbie Jeremy Renner.

In a trailer released for the film, it emerges that he plays a character whose allegiances are unclear. The suited and booted team of secret agents appear to be caught in a sandstorm, and in the film, they are caught up in something even worse.

When his team is implicated in a bombing at the Kremlin, Hunt and the IMF are disavowed, and have to go rogue to clear their names. Their challenge is summed up in the poster’s tagline: No plan. No backup. No choice.

The film was shot extensively in the UAE, with shoots taking place in and on top of Burj Khalifa, at The Palace hotel, in the streets of Satwa and at a purpose-built set in the International Media Production Zone on Emirates Road.

Releasing in the UAE on December 15, the film is expected to be a centrepiece of the Dubai International Film Festival, with Cruise and company rumoured to be in town for a screening. More info