Turning a business green can give many vertigo – but not for one UAE cleaning firm…

Burj Khalifa Dubai
Burj Khalifa Dubai

Ever wondered how your company could make a clean start – at least when it comes to its environmental impact? Just exactly how do you move from good intentions to actually implementing an efficient green strategy for your business here in the UAE?

Fortunately, there are some pioneering examples to study. Take Grako, a firm that knew more than a little about cleaning before it decided to buff its environmental credentials.

The specialist firm cleans about seven million windows a year for 220 clients – something which takes more than 3,000 man hours each day.

The firm that cleans the Burj Khalifa is looking to raise its environmental policies to new heights – after signing an agreement to become the first in its industry to become carbon neutral.

It has enlisted Dubai-based carbon trading experts AGT to help reduce its carbon footprint by assessing the entire operation to calculate its annual CO2 emissions before offsetting the appropriate number of carbon credits.

The assessment will include energy consumption within the organisation’s labour camps, offices and the fuel consumed by its fleet of vehicles in the course of its daily operations.

By examining these, AGT will calculate the organisation’s carbon footprint, then source and immediately retire the number of credits to offset the company’s next twelve months of CO2 emissions.

Carbon offsetting as part of organisations’ corporate social awareness plans are becoming increasingly popular in the UAE, with organisations including Microsoft, Middle East Facilities Management Association and Dar Al Takaful putting their own strategies in place.

“This initiative ties back to our corporate values and long-term commitment to helping create healthier and cleaner communities,” says Grako managing partner Alain El Tawil. More info