By Brooke Sever

Dubai-based production specialists Eclipse played a key role in last week’s opening of the swish new Pavillion event space, in the Armani Hotel. Situated in the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, the Pavillion is an open air facility at the foot of the tower, and overlooks the adjacent Dubai fountains.

Photo courtesy of Isaac Kumer.
Photo courtesy of Isaac Kumer.

Eclipse provided audio visual equipment for the extravaganza, which was attended by 650 guests and was produced by Eclipse’s Richard Scott and Armani’s Geraldine Wong. .

Eclipse used a range of newly purchased All White Quest Audio speakers for the sound, together with a Yamaha LS 9/16 digital mixer, supervised by Malcolm Giles.

Lighting was supervised by Eclipse’s Lighting Designer Frank Schotman Martin Mac 700 spots and Martin Mac 301 moving LED fixtures on truss towers covered in a white gauze, controlled by a Road Hog Lighting Desk.

Two large, transparent Martin LC 2140 Plus video screens were provided playing a video taken of the opening of the hotel, which was attended by the man himself, Georgio Armani.

In keeping with the Armani minimalist design, two of the latest technology Christie Microtile columns were also displayed in a 1 x 5 tile high formation to display Armani graphics. Hardware was supervised by Paul Foschi, with content provided by Ross Marshall.

Eclipse director Mark Brown, who attended the event, said the kit proved a hit with the crowd. “We had a lot of people asking us about this unique technology, as it is very new to the region, and we are one of the first companies to offer this technology for rental applications.”