McCollins Media, a Dubai-based full service communications agency, said it aims to create history ‘by building the Longest Facebook Wall in the World.’

The aim of launching ‘The Longest Facebook Wall in the World’ is to highlight the onset of social media (marketing) and its importance in brand communications, the company said in a statement.

McCollins Media will build an application on Facebook connect platform and this will be deployed on a web interface, where users can give permission to use their profile pictures and basic information (name, place and profile picture) on web interface, it stated.

The list grows with every new Facebook user connecting to the application. At the end of two months, McCollins will achieve new heights by flying a life size print all over Dubai in a helicopter.

Every single user will get their own custom URL to the application such as, which can be shared online anywhere.

Meghna Kothari, director of McCollins Media, said: “We are proud to be first in Middle East to be part of Social Media History. With the growth of social media, and Facebook in particular, the communications landscape has changed. As our clients’ needs evolve, our firm finds innovative ways to adapt.”

‘The UAE is a region of superlatives and has played host to numerous global records – the tallest building, the first man-made island, the biggest mall, and the world’s biggest aquarium, to name a few. Keeping with the tradition of these unique feats, McCollins’ will be the first of its kind to attempt such a feat in the region,’ she added.

McCollins, Kothari said, aims to create awareness in the Middle East about the potential and possibilities of creating world-class applications on Facebook.

‘The project will last for two months, whereby McCollins will be executing several creative strategies to encourage users to be a part of the wall. Regular updates detailing the progress will be shared on the company homepage,’ she added.

McCollins Media, which launched its operations in 2009, offers public relations, social media, design and advertisement-based services.