Sarya Group LLC, exclusive retailer and agent to Dammann Freres teas and Canasuc sugars in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region, partners with luxury hotels to enhance the dining experience.

Royal Mansour - Marrakech
Royal Mansour - Marrakech

The hospitality industry is ever evolving to offer its guest with a more integrated luxury experience. From the thread count of the sheets to the diamond- encrusted chandeliers; every element of the hotel reflects the value of experience to its guest. It is no wonder that Dammann Freres, the teas of royalty, and Canasuc, the most unique forms of sweetness, remain sought after products in tea consumption in the hospitality industry.

With the most prestigious hotel brands establishing their presence in the Emirates, Sarya Group LLC, exclusive retailer and agent to Dammann Freres and Canasuc in the Middle East has partnered with elite brands such as the Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Armani Hotel; the Address Hotels; Khalydia Palace Rayhaan Hotel; Royal Mirage Hotel; and even the 7-star Royal Mansour – Marrakech in Morocco to provide them with these royal products.

“Dammann Freres teas and Canasuc sugars compliment the dining experience at the world’s luxury hotels. Their intricate forms and stimulating tastes are created to surprise and inspire the most discerning critics of food and beverages in the hospitality industry,” says Amir Al Chayah, CEO, Sarya.

Dammann Freres, is the most prestigious and confidential brand of French teas and is the tea creator of three successful generations. Established in 1925 in Paris, it is rich in heritage and cultivation and offers a blend of over 3,200 exclusive tea-blends in arrangement of concept packaging, servers and accessories to meet the hotel image and standards to serve beyond the expectations of guests.

The Dammann Freres product portfolio compliments the F&B outlets and VIP room services of luxury hotels to support guest experiences. As an exclusive agent, Sarya is well-equipped to handle the delicacies of the brand and offers training to the hotels from `Master Chefs’ who thoroughly train the hotel partner’s staff on the brands’ product offer, philosophy and heritage.

Loose tea, tea in boxes or tea bags – Dammann Frères adapts the best ways of storing tea to how it is drunk. In addition to the various forms of tea, the brand also offers high quality gift caddies and tea-related objects.

What makes Dammann Freres unique is its rich history and its selective mechanism. The Dammann Frères blenders constantly strive to offer the finest blends and most subtle flavors. The sole aim of this search for perfection is to offer satisfaction and pleasure to all tea lovers. The boxes of tea and tea bags contain the age-old knowledge of planters whose methods remain ancestral, and they are sealed with the considerable expertise of the firm, which selects, imports, blends, flavors and packages its precious tea leaves which are sourced from the exotic regions of Sri Lanka, the Indies, China, Korea, Vietnam and Japan, as well as Africa and Brazil.

While Dammann Freres aims to provide the epitome of richness in teas, Canasuc establishes the visual and sensory pleasures that complement the tea ceremony culture. It is a testimonial that the greatest gems on earth are not just for wear but also for taste. Since 1992, Canasuc has been taking a new look at a familiar product: sugar, subtly manipulating shapes and colors to metamorphose a perfectly ordinary sweetener into a visual emotion, into a statement of hedonistic philosophy whose credo might be: Carpe Diem: savor every momentary pleasure, every ephemeral joy you can give or take. Canasuc also offers the intricate culinary designs in various colors that make consumption an art. Canasuc sugars remain a preferred delicacy in the hospitality industry and are specially packaged to suit hotel standards.

Dammann Freres and Canasuc enjoy the success of a global distribution network available in the world’s leading hotels, restaurants, retail and exclusive destinations world-wide.