Celebrate Eid in festive style at The Address Hotels + Resorts in Dubai

All five hotels of The Address Hotels + Resorts in Dubai – The Address Downtown Dubai, The Address Dubai Mall, The Address Dubai Marina, The Address Montgomerie Dubai and The Palace – The Old Town – will feature Eid specials that will appeal to the finer tastes of guests.

Dubai: High tea on top of the world

If the Burj Khalifa is the architecture anticipated in The Jetsons, the Burj al-Arab has the restaurant at the end of the universe. It was the tallest hotel in the world when it opened in 1999 and, despite the architectural flights of fancy which have since taken shape along Sheikh Zayed Rd, it remains Dubai's signature building.

I Will Always Love You: Whitney Houston honoured with Dubai Fountain display

Dubai paid its own unique tribute to Whitney Houston with a stunning fountain display set to one of her most famous songs. The Dubai Fountain danced to the haunting echoes of the hit I Will Always Love You in a specially choreographed display marking the singer’s death. The water and light show took place outside the Dubai Mall on the 30-acre manmade Burj Khalifa lake.

KidZania Dubai hosts over half a million visitors in its first year of operation

Within its first year of successful operations, KidZania® has also brought a clear differential to the educational environment of the UAE by winning the approval of the UAE Ministry of Education, along with Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, for field trips as part of the academic curriculum. More than 70,000 students have visited KidZania® to date highlighting the increasing popularity of the centre among schools for furthering the skills of students.

Dubai keeps aiming for skies with “highest” restaurant

Dubai's six-year boom, which fueled construction of the world's tallest building and artificial island archipelagos, slammed to a halt in 2008 after the global financial crisis. Millions of dollars of construction projects were slashed or put on hold and the emirate is struggling to dig out from under a massive debt burden, estimated at more than $100 billion. Developers at Emaar Hospitality, of Emaar Properties, say the restaurant opening at these soaring heights is a sign that the low point of Dubai's recession is ending.

Never can say goodbye to Dubai

The Burj Khalifa’s observatory on the 124th floor, aptly called “At The Top,” offers unrivaled vistas from the azure waters of the Gulf to the golden sand dunes of the Arabian Desert and beyond. Kiran Kor, senior coordinator for sales and marketing for “At The Top,” led us to the enlightening multimedia presentation that chronicles Dubai’s exotic history and the fascinating story of Burj Khalifa.

At.mosphere takes lunch to new heights

At.mosphere Grill’s ‘High Lunch,’ changes every week, featuring fresh salads, soups and the chef’s special with signature dishes of the season giving guests an opportunity to re-live a new dining experience with each meal.

Cruise brings “Mission: Impossible” to new heights

In a world run by James Bond, there are few spy movie franchises that can compete, but the "Mission: Impossible" series does a superb job of standing on its own. In the 15 years since theatergoers saw Tom Cruise hanging by wires in the first film, the franchise has spawned three sequels, including the most recent addition, "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol."

Exploring the world’s tallest structure – the Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in the world does not appear made for this earth. By day it looks photoshopped into its downtown Dubai surroundings, and by night, the hulking spire looks like a rocket bound for the furthest reaches of our galaxy.

Dubai pedals to breaking world record

Dubai: Another world record has been broken in Dubai, as cyclists gave a whole other meaning to putting the pedal to the metal. On November 26, 2016, an impressive 8,999...

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Burj Khalifa opens highest lounge in world to public

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