By Rehan Rachid

After a year of its inaugural, the Burj Khalifa has made its name as one of Dubai’s largest tourist attractions and has aided the nearby hotels to increase their business up to 35% over the last two years.

On 31st December thousands of revelers came together at the tallest building in the world, which has been visited by an average of 4,000 visitors per day to its viewing deck, for seeing the fireworks display broadcast all over the globe.

A marketing professor at Zayed University in Dubai says that he would compare the tall building to few of the leading icons that are being used in cities around the globe.

He sees the building as most likely one of the first and lasting icons ever built in Dubai for drawing the attention of tourists. The building is like a magnet for tourism, drawing thousands of visitors every year. In fact, it has become a must-see for every person who visits Dubai.

He also said that unlike Sydney’s Opera House, New York’s Statue of Liberty, or San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, before the Burj Khalifa came into existence, there was not anything big in Dubai for which the city could claim as a big icon.