On March 18—just over a month and a half from now—the world will have its first Armani Hotel on the first 37 stories of the newly-opened world’s tallest building—the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. But this won’t be the end of Signore Armani’s hotels. In fact, it’s only the beginning, what with Giorgio signing a contract to have ten Armani Hotel properties around the world by 2019.

While we keep tight tabs on the Armani Hotel Dubai’s opening preparations, we’re picking up on news of the next six Armani Hotels, including where they’ll be and what type of place to expect. Here we go…

· Armani Hotel Milano will be the next to arrive, following the Dubai one later one in 2010. It’s already covered in be-logoed Armani Hotel construction wrapping, and its 95 rooms are located at Via Manzoni 31.

· Armani Resort Marrakech will be the only full-fledged resort that we’ve heard of from Armani yet. It’s currently under construction. You know what a resort in Morocco means, right? It means Armani caftans and an Armani pool!

· Armani Residences and Villas in Marassi, Egypt is also well under construction already. This one takes us by surprise, since we’ve never before heard of Marassi, and yet it’s getting more than just a hotel; it’s getting Armani residences like what are available in Dubai. Perhaps owners of the Dubai condos will use their Burj Khalifa address as their city pied-a-terre and the Marassi villas as their vacation property? It sounds possible, since Marassi is a planned, gated resort community.

· Armani Hotel London, Armani Hotel New York, Armani Hotel Shanghai, and Armani Hotel Tokyo are also happening, but on exactly what streets and when they’ll be ready to go we don’t know. We expect New York to be super secretive and uppity like The Greenwich, but we expect the Shanghai property to be freaking awesome.