By Staff

Downtown Dubai has added to the area’s collection of public art with Rhims Gazelle Herd Edition 1, a bronze sculpture of a herd of gazelles, cast in clay and moulded in wax, symbolic of one of the region’s native animals.

At 350 kilograms, standing six metres long, two metres high and one metre wide, the sculpture, by South African Vincent Da Silva, is the first of five featuring gazelles.

“As Dubai’s cultural and arts industry evolves, we are focused on instilling a genuine appreciation of the diverse trends in arts. Today, Downtown Dubai has emerged as the city’s creative hub, bringing together artists and enthusiasts from all walks. The Rhims Gazelle Herd Edition 1 is the perfect addition to the 500-acre development’s diverse portfolio of artworks,” said Ahmad Al Matrooshi, managing director at Emaar Properties PJSC. More info