By Abdul Basit

The world’s tallest hotel, JW Marriott Marquis, is expected to open its doors to guests in December this year.

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai
JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

Dubai is home to the world’s top three tallest structures — the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa; the world’s tallest residential building, Princes Tower; and, soon, the world’s tallest hotel, JW Marriott Marquis.

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, or DTCM, in Dubai has checked the hotel and has classified it as the tallest worldwide.

The hotel’s general manager gave a detailed presentation to the licensing and classification team of the DTCM on the services and entertainment techniques adopted at the hotel.

Majid Al Marri, director of the Hotel Classification Department, said the hotel is distinguished with a variety of facilities and restaurants, let alone spacious areas toning with the needs of all guests.

“The fabulous designs of the hotel, a new addition to hotel facilities in Dubai, will be up to guests’ expectations, tastes and needs,” Al Marri said, adding that the hotel will be added to Dubai’s list of world records.

“Dubai shall always be in the lead; a premier hub for tourism, business and finance across the region,” he added. More info