By Brooke Sever

Matrix Laser have completed two high-profile projects in the UAE in recent months. The German firm, specialising in the manufacturing and use of high-end laser systems, lit up Abu Dhabi’s skyline in celebration of UAE National Day in December.

For five nights, a 40 watt and two 20 watt laser systems on the rooftop of the iconic Emirates Palace Hotel were joined by a 40 watt and three 20 watt Systems on the rooftop of the Abu Dhabi Palace for Presidential Affairs, to produce spectacular effects across the night sky.

Matrix Laser also contributed to New Years Eve celebrations at Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. A lights and fireworks show on the world’s tallest tower was complemented by a 120 watt laser light provided by the firm. The eye-catching result was broadcast worldwide and fascinated the 200,000 spectators present in the Downtown area.