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The Pavilion Downtown Dubai is the city’s newest dedicated non-commercial contemporary art space providing a place to view, discuss and participate in work by local and international artists.

The Pavilion Downtown Dubai
The Pavilion Downtown Dubai

Hosting two gallery spaces, The Pavilion is a unique hub for a diverse range of arts events, offering a platform to promote an active cultural community to the public and to support the work of a rising generation of artists in the region.

Located in Downtown Dubai opposite Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, The Pavilion was formerly the sales office of Emaar Properties. Emaar together with the multidivisional group Cultural Engineering joined forces to renovate the building and convert it to form a culturally based programme for the community.

The Pavilion supports a dialogue between art and its audience further enhancing the cultural landscape of the city, creating a place for families, enthusiasts, patrons and visitors.

The Pavilion will present an annual programme of exhibitions and public art initiatives and developing direct audience participation in two spaces: Gallery One and Gallery Two.

The Pavilion’s programming will reinforce its role as a place for artistic discourse, research and education. The Pavilion also serves as a vibrant space for the neighborhood with the added comfort of a modern café, operated by Emaar Hospitality Group. It also includes a cinema, espresso bar and library. Bike rentals will also soon be on offer for those who wish to experience Downtown Dubai, the 500-acre community described as ‘The Centre of Now.’

Public art, in various forms – including a 40 meter annually commissioned banner that wraps around the corner of the building’s façade, as well as outdoor sculptures and installations – will be visible from the street and neighboring buildings. Book launches, artist talks, film screenings, musical performances, workshops and children’s events will create opportunities to engage artists, writers, students, scholars and the public to contribute towards the developing cultural landscape of Dubai and the UAE.