With The Dubai Fountain as its stage and Burj Khalifa the backdrop, Downtown Dubai embraces the diversity of the world in a majestic and cultural showcase with a spectacular cascade of sound, fire and energy.

Come witness a breathtaking theatrical performance on unprecedented scale as dancers captivate, images fascinate and lights exhilarate.

This never-seen-before spectacle created especially for Emaar and The Centre of Now by a world class team of professionals and creatives. It is a multimedia extravaganza including a 210 metre long seamless projection screen along with 10 water platforms with semi-transparent screens and in total 79 live performers from around the world.

The story behind Water, Fire & Light

The story is based on the important natural and cultural elements of the world and how they all come together. The energy of the elements travels across the world to finally reach its destination at The Centre of Now, the place where people come together in celebration of friendship and cultural understanding. As the energy arrives it erupts in a show of water, fire, light and sound. This is a never-seen-before spectacle created especially for Emaar and The Centre of Now.

Water, Fire & Light was first performed during the annual Burj Khalifa New Year’s Eve fireworks, accompanied by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Location. Timings

Daily performances at 8.00 PM and 10.00 PM
January 4th until February 4th, 2013


Water, Fire & Light

Water, Fire & Light is brought to you by Emaar.

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Samsung Gulf Electronics


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