On March 29th, the Tokyo Tower, which currently checks in at 1,092 feet, was no longer the tallest building in Japan. That distinction now goes to the Tokyo Sky Tree, which checks in at a slightly taller 1,108 feet. Poor Tokyo Tower.

The real kicker? It’s only halfway done.

The Tokyo Sky Tree, which sports one of the most ridiculous names for a building I have ever heard, will be completed in December 2011 and reach an astounding 2,080 feet.

Although impressive, it’s still not as tall as the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, which checks in at approximately 2,717 feet. By comparison, the next tallest building is the Taipei 101 in Taiwan, which only reaches 1,667 feet.

The purpose of the tower, other than serving as a huge makeshift phallus? Broadcasting. Spearheaded by Tobu Railway and six terrestrial broadcasters, the sky tree will focus on radio and television transmissions, allowing digital signals to reach beyond six hundred feet.

Aside from this, the tower, which will have its grand opening in the Spring 2012, has two observations decks, one at 1,148 feet and another at 1,476 feet. Whether or not it means Japan has the collective bigger penis is something they will have to bring up with Dubai.