Alain Robert, who is internationally known as “Spider Man” for his courageous climbs to the tops of the world’s highest buildings, is planning to climb Turkey’s highest building on Tuesday.

Alain Robert. Burj Khalifa
Alain Robert. Burj Khalifa

Robert’s name came to public attention when he climbed the world’s highest building, Burj Khalifa (860 meters) in Dubai. He will now scale İstanbul’s Sapphire.

Spider Man generally carries out his attempts illegally and he says he feels like a “criminal” for this reason. Speaking to press members before his climb on Monday, Robert said inviting a “criminal” to the country shows how open-minded Turkey is.

While noting that he is not permitted to enter Australia due to an illegal climb he made, Robert said he has been acquitted in all court cases against him due to his climbs. The Frenchman said he enjoys climbing and the real problem is not to scale the skyscrapers but the cameras monitoring people all the time. He added that he also climbs for humanitarian causes. The 48-year-old said his first climb was when he was 10, adding that he drinks plenty of water and eats rice or pasta before climbing.