You can now get a whiff of the Emirates with perfumes that claim to capture the smells of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in a bottle.

The Scent of Departure company says it has collected what it believes are the best smells from both the emirates to “make your dreams come true”.

The firm says that, after much research, it has captured “the essence of a city in a bottle”, claiming the Burj Khalifa’s “intense rose essence” is “wrapped in light and fresh citrusy accords found on Jumeirah Beach”.

Scent of Departure founders, perfumer Gérald Ghislain and designer Magali Sénéquier, describe them­selves as being like Indiana Jones but “dressed in tweed and sneakers” as they travel the world to find the unique smell of every city.

Ghislain told 7DAYS: “Creating a perfume is a very complicated process that is not an exact science. You could find the perfect formula in just minutes or it could take several months.”

Adverts for the Dubai bottle boast: “Your adrenaline surges as you sand ski in the desert and marvel peacefully at the hypnotising skyline at night.” This adrenaline rush is caught by “a final extravagant blend of Oud”, a resin produced when trees bec­ome infected with mould.

The advert for the Abu Dhabi bottle claims that its scent experts had detected “a brilliant layer of bergamot”, a sweet-smelling oil made from orange peel, at the “pristine beachfront of Yas Island”, close to Ferrari World and the Formula 1 Track.

They also found “light notes of jasmine enriched by an unforgettable trail of amber” on nearby Saadiyat Island, home to a large golf course, a nature reserve and a huge complex for building new apartments. More info