SAMENA Telecommunications Council held its Telecom Chairman and CEO’s Dinner 2010 at Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa recently.

Eng. Saud Al Daweesh, Group CEO of Saudi Telecom, and the Council’s Chairman of the Board, hosted some of the leading CEOs and Chairmen from the telecom industry.

Thomas Wilson, CEO & Executive Managing Director of SAMENA Telecommunications Council said, “The Operators discussed their view points with respect to the development of strategies to maximize their position in the value chain. Discussions were held with national, regional and multi-national networks for the creation of greater market significance with respect to Over The Top Providers (OTTP) content. It is this discussion that will drive the formation of SAMENA’s Global Telecom Operators Alliance, an initiative undertaken to facilitate operators working with, and in collaboration with the OTTP industry.”

Bocar A. Ba, President of SAMENA Telecommunications Council emphasized, “This dinner meeting is the beginning of a series of discussions among the leaders of the telecom industry to address the new challenges of convergent technologies, and transformation of the industry for serving the customers better. We have made a significant step by deciding to work together towards common goals and objectives.”

“In the coming weeks, SAMENA will explore avenues for strategic growth, expansion and investment strategies relevant to the rise of OTTP”, added Ba.

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