Each year, the Dutch Yachting industry (HISWA) invites the International press to the Netherlands to witness firsthand the different facilities, yachts under construction and future plans of the shipyards.

It is an intensely busy tour for the press. We are constantly on the move from early morning until late, visiting many yards, asking questions, and having to keep track of all that we see and hear.

This year when the press arrived at Oceanco, we were treated to a tour of two 85m yachts under construction and a company presentation followed by a barbeque at the quay.

Yachting journalists are notorious for asking a lot of thorny questions. This year, Oceanco turned the tables and asked the press themselves to answer some thought-provoking questions. “What animal do you most associate with Oceanco and why? What painting or sculpture would you associate with Oceanco and why? What building? Which actor or celebrity?” Etc. The whimsical exercise was both fun and informative.

The top responses from the 22 journalists canvassed included were “Orcas, Burj Khalifa, George Clooney, and the Mona Lisa.” Shall we conclude that Oceanco has a killer instinct, reaches to build the biggest in the world, has the sexiest yachts, and is at the same time enigmatic?

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