By Frank Lumley

While many of Europe’s big cities may cross our minds when it comes to one of most visited places on the planet it appears the U.A.E city Dubai, is growing in popularity year by year.

The emirate is famed for a number of things such as the Burj Khalifa, which is the world’s tallest building, and the ‘The World’ which is a manmade archipelago with each mini island a potential home for the super-rich. Many people travel to Dubai for holidays, but there is probably just as much, if not more, coming to do business.

New York’s JFK Airport has always had a high capacity because everybody is trying to get into the ‘Big Apple’ to sample its delights, but the recent OAG trends statistics report reveals that Dubai International Airport has surpassed JFK for the first time. The seat capacity grew from 10.5 million to 11.65 million last year coming to and from the Middle East.

The increase in numbers of people heading to Dubai has surged in what is a short amount of time. Dubai International Airport opened Emirates Terminal 3 just two years ago and by 2012 the aim is to open a fourth terminal. It appears that Dubai is certainly a firm favourite at the moment.

While most people would naturally assume the likes of New York or London would be a more obvious choice for travel, Dubai has certainly captured the imagination of travellers and the figures prove it. Though I suppose the fantastic weather helps making that choice to go to Dubai a little bit easier.