Muaz Shabandri and Silvia Radan

DUBAI – Dubai got into the party mood early in the afternoon on Saturday. The roads were packed near the iconic Burj Khalifa. And the Global Village was another hotspot for visitors.

A visitor peeps through New Year display board at Downtown, Burj Khalifa. — KT photo by Rahul Gajjar
A visitor peeps through New Year display board at Downtown, Burj Khalifa. — KT photo by Rahul Gajjar

At the crack of midnight, fireworks ushered in 2012 at the Burj as restaurants, night clubs and parties sported New Year themes.

Tourists visiting Downtown made it a point to capture the memories as the breezy weather and comfortable winds set the right mood for a night of celebration.

The shining exterior of the world’s tallest building shone brilliantly in the spectacular fireworks as the clock struck midnight.

Schmedt Oliver, a tourist from Germany said the mood was exciting and enjoyable as the crowds started filling in.

“I wanted to see the Burj Khalifa and come here for a memorable time with my family. I’ve spent the entire week in Dubai and have enjoyed it here,” said Schmedt.

Roads leading up to the Downtown witnessed heavy traffic hours before midnight as police patrols directed traffic movement outside key landmarks in the city.

Heading into a night of partying and celebrations, the festive lighting and music added to the feel. As Mohammed Salahuddin who had brought along his family to witness the celebrations said: “It’s all about seeing so many people come together to celebrate New Year with joy and happiness. I would say it’s absolutely worth it.”

The jam-packed roads failed to dampen spirits as residents hopped on the metro to make the most of the extended timings. Shama Yogi, a resident said: “It’s very difficult to find parking near the venue but it’s all about being a part of the crowd and enjoying ourselves. Sitting at home doesn’t give me the same feeling and it’s a great time to go out with family and loved ones.” More info


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