By Mariam Niha

The Ara Gallery certainly knows how to bridge the gap between art, glamor and alluring natural beauty. The opening reception for “Light From Life” exhibition was held in the tasteful interiors of the gallery at Burj Plaza in downtown Dubai. With the towering prominence of Burj Khalifa, The Ara Gallery opened its doors to welcome the local community and other guests on a chilly evening in Dubai.

"Sunny Side Up" by Abdulla bin Touq
"Sunny Side Up" by Abdulla bin Touq

The exhibition takes its name from the basic fundamental law of nature, which states that light is the main source to create and view an image. The exhibition centers on the work of five nature photographers from the Gulf who undertook a photographic exhibition to New Zealand in the summer of 2011. Far from home, the Saudi and Emirati artists explored the unique landscapes of New Zealand, endured harsh (often below freezing) weather and hiked 215 kilometers during their 27-day expedition that saw them take some 15,000 photographs. Upon their return to the Gulf, they collaborated to produce the exclusive exhibition for audiences in the Middle East.

The exhibition was attended by Malcolm Millar, ambassador of New Zealand to the UAE, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Nuami and Sheikh Mohammed Al-Thani and featured: Abdullaziz Bin Ali, Abdulla Bin Touq and Mohamed Al Jaberi from the United Arab Emirates and Jamal Al Badia and Ali Al Otaibi from Saudi Arabia. More info


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