By VM Sathish Friends teased him about his height. He replied by purchasing 23 flats in the tallest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa

George V Neryamparampil, multiple apartment owner in Burj Khalifa. (Supplied)
George V Neryamparampil, multiple apartment owner in Burj Khalifa. (Supplied)

That is George V Neryamparampil’s story, as he would have you hear it.

“How can a short man like you even see the Burj Khalifa fully, let alone enter the world’s tallest  tower? Can you enter this building?” a friend of George joked.

Since then George decided to buy a flat in the world’s tallest tower and within a short period, he is the owner of 22 apartments, on different floors of Burj Khalifa.

He recollects the apartment numbers for us: “10406, 90004, 8903 … I have recently completed a deal to purchase my 22nd flat in Burj Khalifa.

“Now I own 22 flats in the tower and I will purchase more if I think the deal is good. My friend teased me once saying I cannot enter this prestigious building but I took it as a challenge.  For me nothing is impossible,” George told ‘Emirates24|7’.

Hailing from a business family in Trichur, George came to Sharjah four decades ago and started working as an automobile mechanic.

“A man’s mind is where his wealth is. My mind is in my family and the property and business that belongs to me,” he muses. More info


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