By Jane Nepomuceno

Aside from the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai, the world’s tallest building that houses hotels and shopping destinations, Dubai is planning to build a new skyscraper with the construction of “The Wave Tower.” But this seacraper, coined due to its proposed proximity to the city’s waterfront area, is going to be a lot greener than Burj Khalifa.

The building’s design promises water and energy-saving technologies that will surely make any environment enthusiast happy. As puts it:

The Wave Tower is designed with a double-skinned silk-screened window system that reduces heat gain. Its structure consists of four triangle sections that gently twist around each other, forming a fragmented peak. Inside is a series of sky gardens that filter the indoor air while creating a pleasant place to spend an afternoon.

The silk-screened window system will control the sunlight, in turn reducing heat gain. Green zones in the form of sky gardens are also incorporated in the design, which will work in filtering the indoor air and generally improve the air quality in the building.

The design was conceptualized by Spanish architecture studio A-Cero but construction, which was planned to start late last year, have been affected by the shifting economy.

This 92-storey building will surely be a spot to visit in Dubai as it is going to be multi-purpose structure that will offer entertainment options, hotels and apartments as well as shopping areas.