By Colin Simpson

DUBAI // An Emirati mountaineer who has twice conquered Everest has had to postpone a daredevil stunt on the world’s tallest tower – but only by a day.

Saeed Al Memeri, who has climbed Mount Everest twice, has been allowed to scale and jump off the Burj Khalifa.Razan Alzayani / The National Saeed Al Memari had asked the Burj Khalifa’s owner, Emaar, for permission to climb the side of the building and base jump from the top at midnight during the annual New Year’s Eve firework display.

But the company told him it would be too dangerous. Instead, he has been given the go-ahead to complete the stunt on January 1.

“The fireworks are already fixed so it would be dangerous,” said Mr Al Memari, 34, from Fujairah. “I was trying to get a window of two or three minutes to jump, but they said that would be difficult. Any small mistake can change a lot of things. So I’ll be doing it on January 1. I will do it in the evening to avoid the sun.”

Mr Al Memari will scale the glass facade with the aid of ropes, and take breaks at 15-minute intervals. More info