Rumor about the Nakheel Tower is that is planned to be the world’s tallest skyscraper, and it was designed for Dubai by Woods Bagot. The designers have done it this time.

And we say these because the plan is to rise a tower over a kilometer tall, measuring in at 1,400 meters to put Burj Khalifa to shame. But the great news doesn’t stop here, this ultimate building construction is actually part of a even greater plan than this. Find out that the tower is part of a bigger marina development in Dubai that is currently in development.

Let me tell you that the project is part of a big 270-hectare development called Nakheel Harbour. The towering spire is specially created to serve as Dubai’s new capital building, and it will be designed with Islamic elements. The great news is that you can never get bored because of the shopping districts, residences, offices and public parks. The builders will apply a special design, consisting in an Islamic typology that divides the tower into four main cores.

If you didn’t figured it out, let me tell you that these slots will allow wind to pass through the building and so reducing the wind load. These construction will be classified as a eco-tower because of the black water treatment, storm water harvesting, reuse of fire test water, solar panels, wind turbines and much more.