By Parag Deulgaonkar

The Middle East is outstripping the West in terms of ‘megatall’ buildings with Dubai beating China, having already built three of the world’s tallest buildings including Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, according to a new report.

Dubai Marina by Andrew amb24, on Flickr
Dubai Marina by Andrew amb24, on Flickr

In a report titled ‘Megatall: What does it take?’ EC Harris refers to Dubai Marina being home to 14 out of the 20 current tallest buildings in the emirate as the “tallest block in the world.”

Dubai is also home to Princess Tower (414 metres), the world’s highest residential tower, JW Marriott Marquis (355 metres), the world’s highest hotel, and Cayan Tower, formerly known as Infinity Tower, the world’s tallest tower with a 90-degree twist.

Emporis data reveals that Dubai has 1,881 tall buildings of which 856 exist, 627 are planned, 355 under construction, 42 un-built and one demolished. Overall, there are 909 high-rises and 448 skyscrapers. More info