VIDEO. World’s highest restaurant opens in Dubai

The world's highest restaurant has opened its doors in Dubai, located at over 400 metres above ground in the world's tallest skyscraper. .

Armani Hotel Dubai

Armani Hotel Dubai video/ Dubai. L'hotel Armani. Che eleganza!

Dubai Lake Fountain, HD Part-4

Amazing everyday fountain show near Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall. For every Dubai visitor a must visit.

Burj Khalifa – At The Top

Burj Khalif video. At The Top night.

Karma Kafe Dubai Restaurant Amazing View

The exceptional view of dancing fountains from Karma Kafe makes a prefect ambience for visitors to sit, relax and enjoy the luscious dinner. Enjoy the incredible view of Burj Khalifa and the sunset as a backdrop with your loved ones from Karma Kafe.

Burj Khalifa – Dubai Fountain

Every 20 minutes in dubai, they do an amazing fountain show just infront of the Burj Khalifa building ( world's tallest building) something not to miss. 14. Feb 2010

Burj Dubai 12 Aug 09

Burj Dubai 12 Aug 09 Burj Dubai on August 12 2009, four months to go before opening.

Dubai Fountain. Burj Khalifa video.

The tallest building video. 9. Feb 2010

Burj Khalifa sunset

Burj Khalifa sunset video. 20. Feb 2010

Burj Khalifa- Observation Deck, Facts, and Construction Rate

Watch a video of Burj Khalifa`s Construction and see pictures from the top of the worlds tallest building, and more! In my channel, there are more videos about Dubai.

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Burj Khalifa opens highest lounge in world to public

Burj Khalifa opens highest lounge in world to public

The Lounge - Burj Khalifa Dubai

Samsung takes over Dubai’s Burj Khalifa to promote Galaxy S9

The company became the first tech brand to be represented on the building in an LED display. There was also a chance for consumers to...