The House of Cartier showcased unique jewellery creations in the UAE following the Paris Biennale des Antiquaires that took place from 15 to 22nd September at the Grand Palais. These unique creations were revealed in 2 magnificent, high-profile events in Abu Dhabi at the prestigious Emirates Palace held on October 5th to 7th and in Dubai on October 11th to 12th at the iconic Burj Khalifa.

These creations, marked by creativity, extraordinary expertise and sophisticated elegance gave a unique opportunity for the UAE Jewellery lovers, customers , collectors and connoisseurs to discover outstanding pieces of fine jewellery demonstrating a wonderful and unique wealth of artistic and technical Heritage.

“We are proud to present in the UAE Cartier’s art of fine craftsmanship displaying more than 60 pieces of the finest jewellery, unique gems, and exceptional stones. All celebrating the creative energy of a French Jeweller par excellence. The pieces on display are all creations that have been in preparation for the last 2 years and each piece is crafted in Cartier workshops by experienced Artisans taking countless Hours to come to life,” said Louis Ferla, Managing Director of Cartier Middle East & India.

Founded in 1847, The House of Cartier has been producing pieces that express a unity of style for generations no matter the differences in artistic expression. The jeweler never ceases to delight the public with its dazzling collection that places contemporary creations alongside historic pieces in perfect continuity bearing witness to the vitality if its creations both past and present.