By Andy Sambidge

Details were announced on Tuesday of the interactive journey on offer to visitors to Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest building, which is due to open in December.

ON TOUR: An artist's impression of the observatory deck at Burj Dubai.
ON TOUR: An artist's impression of the observatory deck at Burj Dubai.

The At The Top of the World experience will include travelling at a speed of 10 metres per second to the observatory deck on Level 124 which will take about 60 seconds.

When the doors slide open, guests will be welcomed with floor-to-ceiling glass providing unobstructed 360 degree views. Visitors can also adventure outside onto the open-air deck to peer into the distance or down to the familiar streets below, Burj Dubai bosses revealed in a statement.

Special telescopes will provide virtual time-travel visions of the scenes beyond and below, allowing guests to see them in the close-up real-time not only the spectacular views of Dubai but also its past and future.

Thomas Dempsey, general manager, Burj Dubai, said the At The Top journey “will be a never-before experience for visitors”.

He added: “The entire journey – starting from the welcome lobby at The Dubai Mall through a 65-metre travelator to the vertical travel in a double-deck elevator to finally watching the world uninterrupted from Level 124 – is educational, inspirational, compelling and thoroughly fulfilling.”

While a typical At The Top journey can be completed in 45 minutes, several other interactive features including ‘Burj Dubai Among the Greats,’ ‘Burj Your City’, ‘Tallest Among the Tall’, and ‘Dubai Then and Now’ can also be included.

Abdulla Lahej, executive director, Dubai Project Management, Emaar Properties, added: “With the At The Top experience, we are celebrating Burj Dubai’s iconic status and providing the world an opportunity to partake in this celebration.”