By Colin Simpson

DUBAI // The UAE launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet computer has been delayed until June 25.

Armani Prive Club. Burj Khalifa
Armani Prive Club. Burj Khalifa

The device’s Dubai-based distributor, EMS, declined to give a reason for the postponement.

Last week, Research In Motion (RIM), the Canadian maker of the popular smartphone, said the PlayBook was scheduled to go on sale here on June 12. The product was showcased during a glitzy function at the Privé nightclub in the Armani hotel at the Burj Khalifa

On Sunday EMS, BlackBerry’s partner in the region, issued a statement confirming that the PlayBook would be on the shelves of leading stores on June 12.

But yesterday a second statement was issued: “Due to circumstances beyond EMS’s control, the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook has been postponed until June 25.” The device was launched in North America on April 19, and this month RIM confirmed it had recalled 1,000 of the devices that were shipped there because of faulty operating systems.

However, it is understood that the delay to the launch in the UAE and the rest of the region was not caused by technical problems.