Armani fashion empire seriously hopes to establish itself on the world market of luxury hotel property. Before the passions around the opening of the first Armani hotel in the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa in Dubai calm down it became known about the upcoming Armani hotel building in Paris.

Armani hotel in Paris promises to be the third hotel of the new chain. The second hotel in the world of the famous fashion designer is scheduled to open in Armani’s hometown Milan in mid-2011.

According to the Arabian Business magazine, Armani empire will continue to cooperate in promoting the brand of Italian fashion designer in the world market with one of the leading hotel developers in Asia – Emmar Hotels & Resorts company. The intention of Emmar Hotels & Resorts to continue cooperation was announced by the head of the Emmar company Marc Dardenne on the conference of the Middle East hoteliers.

Armani works with Emmar Hotels & Resorts in the sphere of developing its own hotel business since 2004. Then the two sides signed an agreement to promote the chain throughout the world. In addition to Dubai, Paris and Milan hotels from Armani are also planned to be build in New York and Marrakech.

It is also possible that in future to the number of tourist destinations, where will be opened Armani hotels will be added Greece. Some Italian media not so long ago reported that Armani has acquired one of the Greek islands for 191 million euros. Despite the fact that subsequently the information about buying a Greek island has been refuted by the designer, we can expect that the interest of the master can be the cause of opening in this country of another hotel of the world-famous brand.