Armani Hotel Dubai. Signature Suites Burj Khalifa Dubai.

These Suites are a spacious 235 square metres designed by Mr. Giorgio Armani and are located on Levels 38 and 39. These suites feature a circular entrance vestibule with 3 fixture powder rooms, a storage closet, a living room, a bedroom, a private studio, a private dining room, bathroom with separated shower and bathtub.

The luxurious bedroom has been furnished with an oversized king size bed and with a 40″ LCD flat screen television. The spacious living room with majestic views of the city, desert and beyond, offers also a full-service bar counter and a full service pantry. Additionally the suite includes a private study with 30″ LCD flat screen television as well as a private dining room with city, desert, or gulf views and furnished with a 40″ LCD flat screen television.