By Shuchita Kapur
The number of completed buildings in Dubai during 2009 topped the 2,500-mark, according to Dubai Municipality data released by the Dubai Statistics Centre (DSC).
2,500 buildings worth Dh25bn completed in Dubai last year. (REUTERS)
2,500 buildings worth Dh25bn completed in Dubai last year. (REUTERS)

The value of these completed buildings, according to DSC statistics, was Dh24.89 billion.

Dubai has witnessed huge growth during the past few years in terms of the number of buildings, housing units and establishments.

While 2009 was expected to be a year of construction slowdown, numbers prove otherwise.

The value of the buildings completed in 2009 was up more than 44 per cent compared to Dh17.26bn during 2008. However, the number of buildings completed during 2009 declined by 8.3 per cent from more than 2,700 in the previous year.

Despite the talk about a slowdown in the emirate’s construction sector, commercial, residential and industrial buildings continue to be delivered in Dubai, with the number of buildings delivered peaking in the second quarter of 2009 to 639 buildings worth more than Dh7.4bn.

These numbers are set to grow this year, with Burj Khalifa delivered in January 2010.