It takes guts to build Burj Khalifa

What a building! What a launch! I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening of the Burj Khalifa last week and it was certainly worth making the six-hour trip from London.

Lift Carrying 14 Stalls Briefly in Burj Khalifa

DUBAI - It’s natural to be excited about heading for the tallest observation deck in the world, on the 124th floor of the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa, which is 828 metres tall. But for 14 people on Saturday evening, that excitement turned into fear as the elevator got stuck, five days after the tower’s inauguration.

Burj Dubai is Finished, But at What Environmental Value?

We covered the grand opening ceremony of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa Tower, formerly called Burj Dubai. But amidst all the fireworks and fanfare, does this 818 meter high monument to human engineering achievement represent any innovations towards combating global warming, climate change, or other environmental breakthough – or is it simplyanother “Tower of Babel,” constructed by misguided human beings still trying to build us a city and a tower with its top in heaven?

Burj Khalifa fit-out firm applies finishing touches

Fino International said on Sunday it was nearing the end of its 33 month project to fit out the Burj Khalifa’s corporate offices, public lobby and Armani Hotel & Residences.

Burj Khalifa – a bleak symbol of Dubai’s era of bling

Dubai defies logic. Skyscrapers rear up out of the pitiless desert where, a generation ago, there was only wind-blown litter. This city-state confected from subsistence has now witnessed the opening of the world's tallest building – the Burj Khalifa, steel-ribbed, glass-clad and completely unsustainable.

Were you excited about the opening of Burj Khalifa on Jan 4?

More than 2 billion people are estimated to have seen the glittering, colorful ceremony that marked the opening of the world’s tallest building in Dubai on January 4. The height of the building, which was renamed Burj Khalifa during the inauguration by Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al-Maktoum, was revealed to be 828 meters.

KidZania opens at The Dubai Mall

A dedicated city where children work, learn, play and even earn, spend and save, opens on January 10, 2010 at The Dubai Mall.

Ancient practice of feng shui underpins soaring achievement

The Burj Khalifa has a towering fascination with the number 8. Not only does it rise 828 metres high, but it was also officially inaugurated at 8pm on Jan 4, 2010. When the date is viewed as 01/04/2010, the digits add up to 8. Even the original sales prices ended with 888.

A room with a view – at a tall price

High-flying businessmen will be able to host their board meetings on the uppermost floors of the Burj Khalifa when the commercial space opens this year. Emaar Properties has reserved 10 per cent of the space in the tower for its own use, including three floors at the top that it will rent out for events and meetings, the chairman Mohamed Alabbar said last week.

Burj Khalifa opening a ‘defining moment’ for Emaar

The opening of the Burj Khalifa has been labeled a “truly defining moment” for Emaar by Emaar Hospitality Group CEO Marc Dardenne.

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