High quality concrete for Burj Khalifa

A high quality ternary blend concrete along with other durability enhancing measures were deployed in the substructure of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, to ensure its 100-year life span, said a top official of the project. Substructures in Dubai and in the Gulf region in general, are exposed to a shallow water table with high levels of salinity, which threatens the embedded steel reinforcement with corrosion.

So, how DO you clean windows on the world’s tallest building?

Soaring 2,717ft into the air above Dubai and with 1,292,500 sq ft of glass to keep spic and span, the £1billion Burj Khalifa presented a unique problem for maintenance teams. Dale Harding, the general manager of window cleaning company Cox Gomyl, said the firm installed £5million of hi-tech equipment, including unique window-cleaning carousels which they designed, to ensure the Burj Khalifa looks its best.

Hyder Consulting takes safety and sustainability to a new level

In May 2010, a number of Hyder's clients were taken on a knowledge sharing tour of the Burj Khalifa site to demonstrate the company's strength and direction in health & safety leadership.

Sustainable by design

When the Burj Khalifa opened with a dazzling fireworks display earlier this year, the tower was hailed as a marvel of modern engineering, which it certainly is. However, it is also an excellent example of sustainability at work.

Dubai’s Old Town neighbourhood

Old Town forms part of Downtown Burj Dubai, a vast development between Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road that is home to the sky-piercing Burj Khalifa. Grabbing at the skirt tails of the Burj is The Address hotel, its distinctive spatula-shaped silhouette a landmark in its own right. Next door is the cavernous retail cathedral of Dubai Mall.

SOM’s Burj Khalifa immortalised in Lego

Dubai’s Burj Khalifa has become the latest building available via the Lego Architecture series. The Skidmore, Owings & Merrill-designed tower, officially the world’s tallest building, has been reproduced in Lego bricks by Adam Reed Tucker.

Elevator uplift

More recently, passengers were left stranded between floors after their lift car broke down inside the Burj Khalifa. And, in March this year, British former F1 driver Stirling Moss broke his ankles after falling down an elevator shaft in London.

Burj Dubai – The World’s Tallest Building

The world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa (formerly known as Burj Dubai), officially opened Jan. 4 in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Architect Adrian Smith, who designed Burj Khalifa while at the Chicago office of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, attended the opening ceremonies. Burj Khalifa's official height was announced at 828 meters, or 2,716.5 feet. "It was the culmination of many years of work and one of the most thrilling moments of my career," said Smith, who left SOM in 2006 to start his own firm, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture.

Watch a drone fly over the Burj Khalifa and Dubai

Team Blacksheep flew a drone all across—or more accurately, all over—Dubai to show you downtown Dubai, the Palm Island, the Burj Al Arab and of course, the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

Kingdom Tower Jeddah Construction update

Kingdom Tower Jeddah Construction update by skyscrapercity.com. -Kingdom Tower current height = 74.27m / 243.67ft -Kingdom Tower current total height = 81.86m/ 268.57ft (includes basements)

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